If people were to ask me who I was you couldn’t find it in the clothes I wear, the makeup I plaster over my face to cover my insecurities, in my innocent smile, or my youthful laugh. Who am I is written in the spaces between the lines, in the words that fall into a catchy rhyme, in the story behind the words, and the voice that cries out to be understood and heard. I’ll draw you in with a scintillating hook, giving you a reason to stay, and take you on a journey where the impossible isn’t like reaching for the stars but laying back talking the night away with someone who knows who you are. For in this world you will live every experience you’ve ever dreamed about, and every adventure you wanted to take. So give me a chance to show you the world through the eyes of a dreamer. For these eyes have seen torment, heartache, peace, and happiness but nothing makes it as real as the words that speak its truth. My deepest desire is for these words to bring comfort, hope, and inspiration that will envelop around someone’s soul, becoming as palpable as a warm embrace. Because even when we crash there will always be a second chance.


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