The Man on the Metro

I never knew his name

But I saw the hurt written in his face

The past he couldn’t dare escape

And the ostensibly endless road he raced

He spoke so many powerful words

But all of them turned away

Couldn’t even look him in the eyes

Because if they did they knew they would be forced to realize

That there is a life beyond than their own little world

But I couldn’t blame them cause I did the same

In fear of how I would look to these roomful of strangers I would
probably never see again.

But I should have taken his hand and shared with him of the One whose love
never fails

The One who could give him the second chance that no one else did

The One who could give him purpose and a reason to live

Now my only regret to this seemingly perfect day

Is the words my heart neglected to say

So I’ll say them now in a prayer for the man on the metro

Because if tomorrow ever comes I long to step out of my own little world

So everyone can see the bigger picture

And start living right now